Friday, 25 April 2014

Wild versus Domestication; reclaiming the essence of our Free Innocence

In working with the reclaiming of our Innocence as an important part of the journey into Freedom, I felt like speaking into the theme of the wild versus domestication a little. 

These two concepts are not really opposites, as they are two such different energies in their true essence. 
Wild can never be domesticated, not without it becoming something that is no longer wild. 
Domestication, in the meaning of moral rules from the heart and in service of the community and life is a good thing if we think of Wild as the instinctual selfish survival urges and impulses only. In this meaning, domestication creates healthy loving boundaries for the sub or un conscious. 
Unconscious wildness is unpleasant and dangerous to be around and expresses in the ways of repressed/un-owned, distorted or rebellious 'wild'/out of control, aggressive, in-authentic behaviour; 'the feral in a domesticated world'. Domestication has become the means to impose ways of being in a power-over structure of domination.

The Wild in true meaning is an important part of our essence, it is from where all our creativity comes, it is magic, shape shifting, free, and it is not controllable. The Wild within is our Innocence: our complete presence in the moment, no past, no future, in total connection to what is.
It is responsible and conscious, and does not need to have boundaries put on it, as it is boundaried /calm and limitless at the same time. It is not controllable from the outside in any power-over form. The Wild is always Free.

For all power-over systems, Wilderness is therefore dangerous.The very reason why we, in our society, are at war with Nature. And it is true that there are risks involved in entering or engaging with the Wild. Wilderness is not 'safe', within the understanding of our illusion of what safety is in patriarchy. Wilderness is not necessarily pretty, but we are a part of it and it is a part of us, and it is alive within us, calling us to awaken to our Freedom. 

True wilderness is our essence, our nature.
For this essence in us, Wilderness, both in our human nature (especially the sexual, which is our life energy) as well as the Natural world out there, is not dangerous or scary, it is HOME. 

This is the belonging, the owning of source we seek to find through the layers of 'domestication' imposed by judgemental power over structures. Wilderness in this essence, is free and none destructive; in tune with the Flow of Life, fully in the heart. It does not need to rebel or dominate, but instead leads us to true power, clarity, co-operation and self responsibility.

The normal re-action to Domestication in our society and in the immature feminine and masculine is either conformity or rebellion, and usually a combination of the two. This just feeds domestication and gives it a reason d'etre. Real response to Domestication is Freedom in the true meaning of the word: self responsible Wildness, unhindered by the patterns of our own wounding and immaturity. 

Don't attack domestication, it has it's place and function, see it for what it is, and which, like something that is no longer of use, can be left behind. No need for getting trapped in Victim mode once the places of your domestication, the cutting down (or off) of Wilderness in you, has been identified. 
Let it go, move, become, be fact, feel the wild which does not really need to do anything to be.

Wilderness needs to be nurtured and being out in Natural places, spending time in the Wild will enhance your relationship with Wilderness as the close lover asleep in your own heart. Authenticity, honesty, owning your needs and desires, enhances Wilderness.

Much joy in the exploring and sharing. 
With Blessings

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